seasonal ingredients


Due to using seasonal ingredients, the food we serve are subject to change.

Please inform us about any food allergies, likes and dislikes etc. when making a reservation.

You can also find the latest information on Tabelog.


Seafood Chirashi Sushi Bowl
楓 (Kaede - Maple) : Chawanmushi, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, Soup ¥2,500
百合 (Yuri - Lotus) : Kobachi, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, Soup ¥3,500
牡丹 (Botan - Peony) : "Chef's Choice"
             This course is made with the best ingredients procured on that day.
藤 (Fuji - Wisteria) : Kobachi, Top-Grade Nigirizushi, Meat Sushi, Makizushi, Grilled Dish ¥8,000
睡蓮 (Siren - Water lily) : Kobachi, Sashimi,Top-Grade Nigirizushi, Grilled Dish, Meat Sushi, Makizushi ¥10,000

Private rooms can only be arranged with courses starting at ¥3,300 or higher.



Sushi Hato¥17,600

Sushi Shoto¥22,000

Please note that these prices are including consumption tax and service fees (10%).
Thank you for your understanding.

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